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Lil Miss

Hi my name is Katie and I have been an artist ever since I was able to pick up a crayon or marker to draw something. I've taken on many roles as an artist and have enjoyed every medium I've touched from hands on painting, to the digital world of graphic design and web development and even had a successful hand-made jewelry business. My most recent venture is restoring old furniture pieces to look new again. To me painting is equivalent of having a day at the spa. I enjoy it that much! I hope you find what we do here inspiring and you come across something  you love!

20 Apr 2024

Ok. I am excited to announce that I've received the sample paint from Farmhouse Paint and have gone ahead and done a tester on my ceramic utensil holder. Yes that's correct...I said "ceramic". Sounds impossible if you're new to the calk paint world, where anything seems possible to paint. I remember the first time using the paint on surfaces, that to me were unheard of...and it felt a little wrong. I'm not going to lie, it still feels to me, as though I have my hand caught in the cookie jar, doing something I'm not suppose to. It's not a natural idea to think you can paint on certain things such as upholstery, glass, metals or ceramic.

So back to the reveal and review....like with any post of side tracking and rambling off... Here is my introduction to the paint line that I'm heavily considering carrying Farmhouse Paint. To start with this is what is posted directly from there site:

"Farmhouse Paint was developed out of the love for painting furniture and the desire to find a paint that is so easy and effortless that anyone can enjoy painting with professional results.

Susie Goldenberg Long, the creative force behind Farmhouse Paint, has been designing paint applications and creating painted finishes for the past 25 years. She has been producing decorative furnishings, painted finishes and products for every surface. Always maintaining the leading edge, always a step above. Her adrenaline and stimulation comes from creating and implementing what others have never thought of."

To add Farmhouse Paint has a beautiful selection of 28 chalky paint colors. Just as other chalky paint claims of not having to prime or sand a piece before use....However Farmhouse Paint is unique because they do not require any type of topcoat or wax coating for protection after applying. Which if you are familiar with using any type of chalk, mud or milk paint...the top wax coat can be a labor of love. To me personally a stage in painting I'm not a fan of. So the idea that I can have the best of both world to achieve my matte chalky finish is brilliant!

Onward with my review...Earlier this week I received my first 8 oz sampler in the mail. I was first excited that it had come but secondly excited about the color choice it had come in. The name is Gray Limoge. It's a nice medium gray tone with a warm hue. It's really a nice neutral color. The one thing I did notice is the nice selection of color choice. All very nice and very popular choices that you'd see on any furniture piece.

Now with ANY paint choice there are always Pros and Cons.

Here are the PROS:

It's adhesion is remarkable! This stuff, I think would stick to literally anything. It's not perfect...mind you nothing is, no matter what they say paint wise, when it is placed on glass or ceramic, nothing is going to completely scratch proof. I will tell you this...it has better adhesion than Zisser Primer that I used to paint my master bathroom tile and some of my kitchen tile. Using the primer alone on tile will stick but always will be pron to scratches. When I paint tile I always place a semi-gloss latex paint and then a water-based poly after applying a layer or two of primer first. The areas in my kitchen worked great by doing this but does require more than 3 coats. Usually 1-2 of the primer, 1-2 of the paint and then 1-2 of the poly. So that adds up to be a lot of coats. I can see here with this paint I can forgo the primer step and simply put on the paint as the first step and then a poly on top. I know what you're thinking...that goes against the paint claim to no top coat...but we are talking about a glassy ceramic finish not wood finishes. The extra protection is what you want to create a more scratch resistant surface. The stronger the better. Remember ANY paint will scratch...take a car...take porcelain and enamel it all scratches at some point depending on the amount of force and what is being used.

So as far ad glass and ceramic it beat my primer, paint and sealant process hands down. I quickly noticed I was able to coat my project with almost 1 coat...I followed up with a touch up for my second coat. As far as the application feel and use. It goes on thick without being thick. What I mean is it's consistency is the same as any regular chalky paint but it applies in the same matter of why I love my thick homemade DIY chalk paint recipe with out the bulky thick consistency. Which is part I'm assuming is part of the magic of it's adhesion ability. The finish while applying reminds me a lot of clay and my experience of working with clay even.

It makes for an excellent textile paint for wanted textures. Yes you will see brush strokes at least with the brushes that I used...but this is the idea behind the vintage shabby chic look...so in most cases this is a wanted feature believe it or not. If you do NOT want texture this is Not the paint for you. In that case most any acrylic or latex paints I would stray from if you aren't for brush strokes and textured look...stick with oil based. It's because of water based paint's fast drying nature that brush strokes dry as they are when paint is applied. Oil take much longer to dry so it has time to settle down and even out better. Mind you I also used a very cheap chippy brush...so I would on purpose achieve a textured look.

So once the piece was complete...I see it sitting next to another ceramic piece I did with Anne Sloan Paint and it gives off the same look with a waxed finish piece. The chalky warm texture look...I love. I went ahead and also lightly sanded the piece to soften the textured brush stokes that I made when applying the paint. I have to say I'm happy with how it turned out and very please with the application ability.

One thing I have to point out, that was new to me and only those that have done a lot of painting will know what I'm talking about...it's amazing at it's correction ability. I've not seen with any other paint. What I mean is while you are painting and as the paint dries and you on occasion (with me a LOT) end up accidentally applying over an area that isn't quiet dry...it ends up wiping off the original layer of paint and by nature because you want to immediately fix that spot you just undid decided to go over that area even more...to only make a bigger disaster and a bigger unpainted spot.

Another example when the paint coming off is an issue is the "touched and smudged" spots. Picking up a piece because you are too impatient to walk away from it to leave it alone to fully dry (again a scenario that has me written all over it). Either case are more common with smooth glassy surfaces. This paint is incredible in the fact that never was a problem only I was...the paint is very forgiving. For example, impatient me was working on the second coat when the first one hadn't completely finished drying...always a bad idea but I saw that I could keep going because the first paint layer wasn't going anywhere! Awesome stuff. I also want to mention I just did the pick up when it's not dry smudge move...yes paint came off but was able to immediately fix it without the issue of more paint coming off even though that area wasn't dry. Normally you'd want to wait for the area to dry...possibly sand and wipe off and then repaint the area. Otherwise you will have a very noticeable painted area of where there is only one layer of paint.

Pros Summary:

- It's made in the USA which I'm all about. (that isn't to say I'm against overseas but having USA products is always a bonus)

- Truly no Priming or Sanding Needed before hand

- Adhesion is remarkable - Especially on Ceramic!

- Made for great textured painted pieces

- Lovely chalky finish and easy to distress and sand

- Dries FAST

- No need to apply wax or top coat


- NO NEED TO APPLY WAX or TOP COAT ( that in my book deserves 3 very strong points)

- Saves you money on having to buy primer and a top coat and expensive brushes.

Ok now the Cons

Like I said there are ALWAYS Cons and it isn't a fair review to only have the positives.

One of the first things I noticed was that there is a distinct odor to the paint. For those that are sensitive to smells you'll want to make sure to paint in an open area and with windows open. I would say on a level of 1-10 it's a 4-5. I will say I was in my kitchen counter doing this first project with this paint with no open windows so those factors didn't help. However it's odor is stronger than most any of the paints I have used. I'm going to say it must have to do with whatever they place in the paint to make it adhere so well. So it goes with the territory.

The texture for me is something I like to add more character to my pieces however this could be a downside for those who like no brush strokes to show at all. This is also being said with me using not a good quality brush and will have to update as I plan on doing one with a standard brush I used for my larger pieces. I will say it's not any more textured then other chalky paints. So this could be a con stated for most all chalky paints.

One thing I have to add that has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of this paint is the labeling. Leave it to my Graphic Design background to even bring this up. It's not terrible but it's nothing fancy...very basic. It's something if I were to see on a shelf with many other kinds of paints would have most likely over looked. It's a great example of never judge a book by it's cover because it's abilities out shines its outer appearance.

Con Summary:

- Stronger odor than with most paints I use

- It's not green friendly like some other brands of paints I know. (to be honest this is a pretty new thing to me and I wasn't aware this was even possible until I discovered different types of furniture paint)

- Great for texture chalk paint finish...bad only if this isn't what you're going for.

That pretty much sums it up...to be honest for me it would only be the smell of the paint but I feel that it wasn't a deal breaker although for others that are sensitive to smells it very well could be. I think for the most part in fair assumption that the pros far out way the cons. I'll be excited to get my first large batch of paints and have decided I will most likely be a reseller of their products. They also have a metallic and foil line that I can't wait to get my hands on to test out.

It looks promising that you will be able to purchase this line in the near future...online and at our store once they are open for business. We will also be having classes using these paints and teaching different techniques to be able to try out. As you can see my much needed utensil holder for my kitchen was in much need of a do over. I then spruced it up with the cute vinyl decal that I created with my new Silhouette Cameo. What do you think?! I feel it's much improved. :) I also love the clay look to this piece because of the chalky Farmhouse Paint used on it. Oh So Lovely.

UPDATE: There is another line of paint that I'm wanting to try out before making my final decision. Just like with this line of paint it has the amazing no need to have a top coat quality only this is much more green.

Until then...

20 Apr 2024

I'm Excited to announce that I have a shipment of what seems to be the most incredible chalky paints out there...it has the best of all world qualities. It's claim to fame is that it requires no prepping or priming like all other chalk paints are known for but also requires no FINISHING of wax, gels or polys. I know what you're thinking...it's too good to be true. I will be testing this amazing product in the very near future and then reporting back here. If it's what it claims to be guess who will be caring this line??? WE WILL! From what I can tell of their gallery of images they have some wonderful results with this paint. I also love their metallic line of paints and foils which we will also carry and then have workshops on how to use once our storefront is finished.

I can't wait to get my hands on this product and to show you the results first hand. Details on what this mystery paint will be revealed in the very near future...just as soon as I receive it in the mail and get to working with it. if it's all what it claims to be...it will be quickly replacing my fave DIY recipe for the simple fact I will no longer have to wax or poly coat a thing any longer while still keeping the chalky matte silky finish I love so much! I just did a girlie squeal...I'm that excited over the idea of this paint and to finally hopefully find our first line of paint to carry and believe in!

PS...a sneak peek of our product line of home decor good is on it's way soon! All vintage chic, french country, industrial, rustic, family fun and unique quality products....EEEEK! Can't wait to share soon!

Until then...

20 Apr 2024

Lofty Ideas, LLC - Celebrating a Local Artist Rod Hicks

As we work on getting items to fill up our store...I wanted to share with you an amazing local artist. He happens to be a good friend and old colleague of mine from back in the day.

I've always known him to have an eye for design and being very talented. I was excited to discover his newest outlet of creativity that involves creating upcycled pieces. Everything Moore Refine, LLP is about. His creations are so innovative, unique and full of charm. Once our shop in order I will hopefully have some of his works of art on for display. If you would give him some support by connecting with him on Facebook that would be great. He currently sells his one of a kind pieces on Etsy and Ebay. So makes sure to check them out and continue to go back to see his latest creations! I think you'll agree they are wonderful! Below are some of his links.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/loftyideas4u

Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/Loftyideas4u

Congrats Rod on your newest venture! We wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your love to create and to inspire those around you!

20 Apr 2024

I've decided to go ahead and invest in a vinyl cutter to make all sorts of new custom crafted items for our shop. As I begin to learn my new machine, I've discovered a new fan club of Silhouette Cameo users. I've found that many people are not just using it for the crafting needs but to establish small home businesses across the nation.

Prior to my discovery of the SC I was only aware of the Cricut cutter and had it in the back of my mind as to what I wanted to purchase. However I am very glad I came across the Silhouette Cameo and all it's reviews and have been even more pleased with my purchase. From what I could find the Cricut becomes very expensive because of the need to purchase cartridges to create and different designs.

The best part to the Silhouette especially once the designer portion of the software was unlocked was my ultimate freedom for designs. Having my graphic design background makes my crafting addiction an explosive outlet of creativity. Paper, Vinyls, Stencils...Oh My! I can literally create anything through my Illustrator program then transfer it to Silhouette and have it cut out whatever it is my heart desires...it can't get much easier than that.

I found using the cutter for the first time wasn't as scary or as intimidating as what I thought it was going to be. It's essentially like sending something to a printer only here its to a cutter with only a couple more settings to have to worry about such as the presets for material that is being used. That's it. There's also the fact that since it's been out for a little while there's already a large source of quick how to video tutorials to get anyone up in running in no time with no previous experience of using any type of cutter.

So...it's not really fair to say this is a full review being it's completely one sided. It's more accurate to be put it's simply my two cents. Bottom line is that I'd like to say here is if you've ever considered getting a cutter or wanted to do some vinyl cutting...Go For It! Silhouette Cameo is the way to go for ease. Along with the mound of tutorials with step by step instructions...it will make getting comfortable with one a breeze. The best part of course is the freedom of creating anything you could possibly think up to.

It will definitely find a place here for Moore Refine, LLP. A great tool to be able to make quality custom and personalized pieces which I'm all about. I will also be selling Silhouette Graphics on our site for other SC fans and users which will hopefully come about in the near future even before we get the storefront up and running.

The pictures are of a couple of Christmas gifts that I got for my family. One of my fave gifts that I like to give is a amaryllis bulb that is to be planted to eventually bloom. This year I was able to custom design and label them myself, in just in the nick of time. Being able to pick exactly the perfect quote and words I think makes this gift extra meaningful. These creations were only the 4 or 5th items I have made with my SC. It's only sealed how much more I want to do with this machine and can't wait to really dive in.

With that being said...watch out for new custom vinyl creations in the near future to be featured on our shop on line and to eventually be in our brick & mortar store.

If a cutting machine is something you've been considered to own...below is a direct link to my start-up Silhouette Cameo kit at a very reasonable price. Notice you may find some that are cheaper but it is most likely because they are the older version of the machine. This is the newest one as of New Years Eve of 2014. It has a digital touch screen where the older version has buttons instead of it being a touch screen. It's even cheaper than buying from the official Silhouette Cameo website...which at the time of me purchasing mine was out of stock.

Click Here

20 Apr 2024

We are excited to be able to say we are official! The closing was completed today. We have the keys in hand and will soon be unloading our house full of goodies to the warehouse. There will be so much to do here in the upcoming months before we will be open officially for shop. In the mean time we will be selling out pieces individually and by appointment once pieces have been completed. We'll be updating you here as we progress with our building. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and show your support by sharing us!

We wish you all an incredible and very prosperous New Year for 2015!

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