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03 Jan 2015
Lofty Ideas, LLC - Celebrating a Local Artist Rod Hicks As we work on getting items to fill up our store...I wanted to share with you an amazing local artist. He happens to be a good friend and old colleague…
01 Jan 2015
I've decided to go ahead and invest in a vinyl cutter to make all sorts of new custom crafted items for our shop. As I begin to learn my new machine, I've discovered a new fan club of Silhouette Cameo…
08 Dec 2014
So some of you may still be pondering what the buzz is about Chalk Paint®. If you are asking about the name "Chalk Paint®" you are referring specifically to the famous Annie Sloan Paint. Which was developed by Annie Sloan…
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Refined Furnishings & More...

Moore Refine, LLP's online store with a brick and mortar store underway, consist of Reclaimed Furniture (new and old), Home Decore, Specialty Paints and Workshops teaching paint techniques and special craft projects.

More updates to come with the construction of our shop online and downtown Davenport. Stay tuned as we are excited to be sharing the completion of both storefronts!

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  • 630 W River Drive Davenport, IA 52801
  • Phone: 563.508.0443
  • Fax: 815.230.1349

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