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08 Feb 2015
Typically Black isn't my first go to color but it doesn't change the fact it's still elegant and timeless. So to help convince me to use it on something I went to pinterest to help get me inspired. I decided…
07 Dec 2014
I came across this lovely image on Pintrest and it's gotten me inspired to test some transfer options on some near future furniture pieces. You can find more information one this specific piece here. Coming across this site I discovered…

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Moore Refine, LLP's online store with a brick and mortar store underway, consist of Reclaimed Furniture (new and old), Home Decore, Specialty Paints and Workshops teaching paint techniques and special craft projects.

More updates to come with the construction of our shop online and downtown Davenport. Stay tuned as we are excited to be sharing the completion of both storefronts!

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