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03 Oct 2023

When I came across this piece I knew I had to have it. I'm finding that I'm already able to visualize a piece finished when wadding through all the ugly ducklings. Although even with my vision I still had to first do a search to confirm what I was clearly seeing for the piece. Once I saw it I knew I had all the confirmation I need to go all in. I was eager to jump in and get messy.

Like I've said many times before painting is relaxing for me...I enjoy it so much. The instant gratification of a transforming piece to the rhythmic flow of a paint brush...it's how I like to spend a morning or afternoon. I was so excited to get started!

Here are some of the images that helped inspire my vision for my table. I instantly confirmed I wanted it to be White Chalk Paint with a dark varnished top. Don't know about chalk paint...read more about it here.


Below is what I kept seeing that put the confidence in me that this table was capable of becoming a beaut from a brute.

Here is she is before I started. Yes for once I remembered to take a picture! I'm getting better at this and I even used my NICE camera and kept my iPhone to the side. I'm so proud of me. :)

A lot of her character was easy to see with the details on her front doors even the the rest of her was a sight for sore eyes. She just needed some TLC and I knew she'd be a simple fix and really bring out her charm was so easy to do. A couple layers of my chalk paint mixture and lightly sanded edges she was all sudden light and airy and chic. The longest process was sanding down the top and re-varnishing a dark finish for a nice classic contrast of light and dark.

And Voala Here She is...FINISHED!

Not too Shabby...Shabby Chic that is...ok...I'll promise to knock off the corny puns just as soon as I get off and going on another piece. I'm debating if I want to still add to this piece...I'm thinking of adding some antiqued glaze to this bright chalking white finish...but for now I'm undecided. I'll update pictures of it if I end up doing this.

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